How to Get Involved

100 Businesses Who Care was created to help local non-profits thrive. If you’re interested in being nominated for funding, we’d love to work with you!

By driving sponsors, donors, and businesses to join 100 Businesses Who Care, you’ll have a greater chance of being pitched at our bi-annual meetings. Additionally, if you have more support among members, your non-profit will have more votes in the room! A great way to accomplish this is by showcasing 100 Businesses Who Care in your newsletter, on your website, and at your events.

Once you have support from members of 100 Businesses Who Care, you can increase your chances of being selected by providing a script or information to members so they are prepared, passionate and armed with your story!

Quick Tip: If your organization has a large operating budget, it may be helpful to designate/earmark a project or something that 100 Businesses Who Care could take “ownership” of and feel a sense of pride or connection.

Role of the Winning Non-Profit

As the winning non-profit, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines: 

  • Send a one-time tax receipt and thank you letter.
  • The winning organization may not use our member information for any other purpose after the one-time tax acknowledgment is mailed.
  • Must attend the following meeting and share with the group in 10 minutes or less how the funds have been used and the impact they have made on the community.
  • Winning organizations will not be eligible to be pitched/win for a 5-year cycle.