Passionate about a Cause? Nominate it for funding! 

All 100 Businesses Who Care members are invited to present a charity to be considered for the group donation.

Submit The Cause

Enter the name of the established 501(c)(3) into the hat when you first arrive at the meeting

3 Causes Are Selected

Meeting organizers will randomly select three organizations to be presented

5 Minutes to Pitch

If your name is called, be prepared! You’ll have 5 minutes to make your pitch and 5 minutes to answer questions

Pitch Requirements and Guidelines

The member’s name who is randomly drawn must be prepared to give the pitch. He/she may not elect someone else in the audience or an employee from the non-profit to give the pitch. A member may elect to have an employee in his/her organization attend the meeting and put his/her name in the hat for the opportunity to pitch. Only one nomination/vote is allowed per member.

  • Time Limit: 5 minutes to present your cause, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A
  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and the name of the charity you are recommending for funding
  • Be Prepared to Discuss the Following Details: 
    • What is the organization’s mission, history, and impact on the community?
    • How many people does the organization serve on an annual basis?
    • How will the organization benefit from this gift?
      • Will the funding be earmarked for a specific program or cause?
      • How many people do you anticipate these funds will benefit?
    • What is the organization’s operating budget?
      • What are their funding sources?
      • What percentage of the funding goes to overhead and administrative costs?
    • Confirm the organization is a 501(c)(3)
  • Make it Personal: 
    • What is your connection to this charity?
    • Can you provide any examples of their success stories or the people they have served?
  • End with a Heartfelt Thank You!

*Members can either get information about a non-profit by researching the organization online or by contacting the non-profit directly for help answering the questions. Some non-profits will even help in writing the script to tell the complete story in an impactful way.